This picture has caused quite a stir on social medial.  A woman standing in front of her man with a shirt that states “Protect Him’.  Now many women on social media argued that it is a man’s responsibility to protect a woman and they did not agree with the concept of this picture.  I viewed it very differently, In fact I love the concept of the picture and I will explain why. A woman comes from a man’s rib according to the bible. The rib in a human body is the shield around the heart and other vital organs and vessels that keep humans alive. In a physical form, yes a man should always protect his woman. In a natural form a woman/wife/mother should always be the protection a man needs.

Our men face so many obstacles in the world today that it is important to have that protection. Men need that woman to let him know they got his front and  back. That prayer warrior standing in front of him fighting off demons that he doesn’t see coming. See because of the protection and the shield of a good woman a lot of men that were headed the wrong way are now good men. When the world was dogging men out saying that all men are no good, she protected him and let the world know that all men aren’t the same.

Women are born nurturers, we start with our baby dolls and continue with our families. You want to see a different side of a woman? Mess with her man or her kids, and you will unleash a beast. A woman was created from the bones that protect the mans heartbeat. So it will always be a woman’s job to protect.

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