If you’ve been under a rock, you were probably unaware the WNBA season was nearing the end. The finals started on Sunday with the LA Sparks battling the Minnesota Lynx. Currently the series is 1-1 and these women are putting on an amazing show this season. 2016 marked the 20th season for the Women’s National Basketball Association. Decades after Title IX female basketball players were given an opportunity to play basketball at the professional level in the United States. This was a ground breaking opportunity for women everywhere; it created employment opportunities for women in marketing, media, coaching, administration and finally women were being recognized in basketball. Since its emergence the WNBA has had issues attracting sponsors and a fan base. But these women play amazing basketball,  for them it has nothing to do with the money.  These women allow us to witness pure passion and love for the game. We see true athleticism and talent, no fancy shows just pure hard work and women who embody what it is to be a woman.

The WNBA excites me because its representation. With the many depictions of women in the media that portray negative images of women, the WNBA showcases women from every walk of life doing something positive. These women are wives, mothers, entrepreneurs, most importantly they’re role models. I don’t believe they get the credit or support they deserve. If you’ve never watched a WNAB game now is the time to do so. Game three of the finals is this Friday at 9am EST on ESPN let’s rally behind these teams and witness the 20th WNBA champion be crowed.

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