Getting your nails done is a must in the glamour community. When you are a beginner to nail salon society, the rules are not explained. In result, this leaves plenty of room for common mistakes. Today we are going to talk about how often you should change your nail set and why.


A new set is recommended when there are air pockets in the acrylics. You May easily spot this by scanning for any cloudiness on the nails while being done. This indicates the Acrylic nail is separating from the nail bed. When you leave your nails on and keep getting a fill without a new set, it may also have a short life span. In many cases, this is due to over-filing the nails, not preparing the nails correctly, abusing or underusing primer, or applying acrylic too close to the cuticle. For unknown reasons, these things mysteriously happen when its time to get a new set. You may also see that under your acrylic where your real nail start appears dull and yellow. It is advised to change your nail set after three months and at most 6. 


If nails are not appropriately maintained, a nail infection may occur. A fungal infection can take place when the acrylic nail is left in place for a long time. moisture accumulates under the nail Leaving vacancy for 


 Taking care of your acrylics and going to the salon every two weeks is vital and will prevent any unwanted bacteria on the nails. 

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