August 1 is right around the corner which means it has been 8 months since we created cute vision boards, setting goals, and proclaiming that this is our year. 8 months ago we were all excited about our new start with high energy and positive attitudes about our future. Goal journals and planners were used to set to do list, and we were on our way to living our best life, being successful, and chasing our goals.

Now let’s fast forward to today! Are you still as passionate about chasing those goals? Are you still working on that to do list? For some the answer is yes, for others you may be discouraged and for others the answer is not yet. Regardless of where you are in your to do list, it is now crunch time. Time to turn that to do list into a MUST DO LIST.

A delay is not a denial. Things come up that distract us from our visions. Career focus, families, procrastination, all cause us to push our to do list to the side. However, we need that same energy that we started the year with to finish the year out.

Sadly the last four months typically bring depression and sadness. We started the year proclaiming to start businesses, make money moves, purchase homes, cars and travel more. But we are still in the same position as last year. Now you have to ask yourself two questions:

1. Did you make a reasonable To DO List or Goal? Unless you were part of the NBA draft, or the star of a movie, or perhaps recording artist that singed a major deal, it is highly unlikely that you would be a millionaire by the end of the year. Its a great reach but lets be realistic. People work years to earn millions, it does not happen over night. Although you should definitely aim high, make sure that it is a goal that can be reached. Remember you can’t have millionaire dreams on a minimum wage work ethic.

2. Is your To Do List of goals what you really want to achieve, or was it the popular move at the moment? On your to do list was it obtaining a snatched waist, traveling to Cabo because you saw that cute girls trip posted on Instagram, or maybe starting podcast or blog because of course that is the in thing. So many times I see people with goals, that they seem to pull out the air. If you’re not chasing you own goals, you’re headed in the wrong directions. Trust me, you will kill yourself trying to chase someone else’s.

Now that you have answered those questions, lets re-evaluate your To DO List (possibly even starting over). First prioritize and start with the goals that we know we can achieve easily. The last few months of the year will go quickly. Replace the word To Do List with Must DO List and put some work behind it.

Trust me, remain energetic and excited about you goals and work towards them as if your life depended on it. It is no longer something to do, but that you must do! It may or may not happen before the end of 2018, but if it doesn’t at least you have a head start in 2019.

Check your surroundings, if the people around you are not supporting you, pushing you and encouraging you… get new people. If social media is distracting you from your goals and have you chasing someone else… delete the app.

Let get started on our Must Do List… The clock is ticking!

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