Some people know Amanda Seales from being a touring member of the group Floetry. More recently, some may know her as the bourgeois friend Tiffany from Insecure. Maybe you’ve heard of her game show “Smart, Funny & Black”, which she took on a multicity tour. You could have come across her podcast Small Doses. Wherever you became familiar with Amanda, it looks like she’s expanding her content to an even bigger platform. Like it or love it, Amanda is here to stay.
Black women are stepping out and dominating different fields like never before.  Comedy is no different.  Overall stand-up comedy is a male space. From Instagram to the stage more women are starting to tell their stories through comedy. When it comes to HBO specials there is only one black woman that can stand next to likes of Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock and that is Wanda Sykes. Well as of Saturday January 27th 2019 at 10pm you can add Amanda Seales to this elite list. You heard right Amanda Seales is now the second Black woman with an HBO Special. What makes this even more special is “I Be Knowing” is an hour of experiences from Seales for Black Women. Sorry NOT sorry! In the special, Amanda is set to discuss everything from F-Boys to why black girls are the best at giving compliments.  My group chat and I will definitely be tuned in! Do you plan to watch Amanda’s Special? Drop a yassssss in the comments if you plan to watch too!


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