Virtual Model Wars

Social distancing has changed the way we socialize and keep entertained. But, if there’s anyone who knows how to bring people together during a quarantine it’s Danielle Baker. She is the founder of Model Behavior University, a fashion show producer, author and more. Miss Baker has created a virtual platform to display fashion shows. For the past three weeks she has organized a male, curvy, and a female competition. Her platform is open to unique contestants whether they are new to the modeling industry or true to it. This week’s competition consisted of three days. The female contestants competed for the following grand prizes: $250.00, a trophy, feature in Full Bloom Magazine, brag page on Model Behavior University’s website, IG live interview, and sixty minute one-on-one model coaching session with the host Danielle Baker.

Let the Competition Begin

On Day 1, eleven contestants showcased their beauty shots, presentation, and runway skills. Each model had a set criteria to follow. Danielle Baker was sure to add her acquaintances, Dante Briggins, the founder of Gym Bae Apparel and Alexandra Garrett to fairly judge each model. The model war kicked off with many beautiful women from Maryland, Georgia, New Jersey, and New York. All of the women showed confidence and beauty, but Fierce Dawn took the lead and scored 10’s across the board. She exemplified the true essence of a natural woman and even incorporated a portion of much needed support to our culture. But, of course the model war was not over yet.

Day 2 opened with the night’s first contestant Blu, who stole the runway. The models put on a show that included, music, fruits, little queens, and crowns. From Washington D.C. to Fort Lauderdale, Florida the nine contestants put their best struts forward. The owner of Gym Bae Apparel announced that he would be choosing a contestant to be featured on his upcoming billboard that will be shown in Times Square, even if she wasn’t the winner. He will also be sending each of the models a gift.

The Final Day

The final day broke out with a bang and two new judges. Camille Marine, editor and Chief of Full Bloom Magazine judged the model’s photo submissions, and run-way walks. While, Miss Rochelle Monique, who is the founder of the P.O.S.H. Tribe,  judged their overall presentation.  The first finalist entered the virtual scene with paparazzi and a red carpet. Brittany ,who was contestant number two, graced the streets of Balitmore with model struts while prancing to Jhene Aiko. Finalists three and four also showed their talents and personality. As time approached for the fifth model to present the internet decided to give a little hassle, but in less than ten minutes Model Wars was back in action. The last three finalist brought their best struts forward, and kept the competition heated.

In the end, there were twenty contestants, six finalists, and one winner. So, who took the crown as the winner of Dainelle Baker’s Season 1 of Virtual Model Wars? Well, Miss Blu Bolton, from Atlanta, Georgia. She went from going bananas, literally to transforming from little red riding hood to Cinderella’s wicked step-mother, and gave the crowd a show.  Congratulations @blu.bolton and continue to show us that even if we don’t fit the requirements we can still fit in! Enjoy all of your prizes, including the six weeks of coaching with Rochelle Monique.

Be sure to follow @theedaniellebaker for all upcoming Model War segments, they are definitely worth watching!

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