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Men, Women, Transgender… Oh My!

“Christie, go to the bathroom.” “Mommy. I’m scared because there is someone who looks like a big man walking in.” As they glance at the bathroom entry ways, Christie’s mother immediately feels the tension her daughter was uncomfortable with. “You’re right darling, we’ll go to the Publix across the...

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Lust or Love?

Celebrity Love or lust?   Seems to be more of a common question nowadays.  Especially with popular reality shows like Love & HipHop.  Today’s case involves America’s favorite female with the pink wig: Nicki Minaj.  Minaj was featured on Ellen this week and when she mentioned the absence of her...

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K.Michelle: “Your a Woman, Yee!”

Being a real woman is the part of a Pretty Hustla that can’t be fabricated or faked.  When something happens to us, we expect Hustlas to spring forth and cover each other like a blanket during winter.  Similarly, when there is a woman that doesn’t provide that warming cloak...

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Lil Kim Season

Damn Daniel! She is back at it again with heat for the streets!!  That’s right, your favorite bad b***h is back with a new mixtape and it’s already got the hood going crazy!  NY Native Lil Kim brought you all Lil Kim Season this week.  She has over 17,000...

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Pretty Hustla Spotlight: Ash Cash Money

              Pretty Hustlaz are built with Purpose, presence & perseverance.  Our ingredients are special and can’t be replicated.  Most definitely the case for Closet Freekz Vintage Warehouse owner & CEO Ashley “AshCashMoney” Boiling. Hailing from Jacksonville, FL she built her legacy in Orlando...

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#Lucky7 Has Arrived !

               Baby fever in Hollywood has begun!  A couple of weeks ago we announced the couple of baby showers that took place across the map for different celebrity families.  Who popped first??? T.I. and Tiny !  There was a lot of commotion around...

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Artist Spotlight: The Stepsisters

             Keeping the culture of real rap alive for the Pretty Hustlaz in the game has been The StepSisters!  A female rap-duo based in Miami, FL with a niche for 90’s fashion and eccentric hairstyles.  Music and fashion fuse together better than any other...

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