Colorism Controversy: Disney Restores Princess Tiana’s Original Look

We know the importance of representation, so a Black Disney Princess was a huge thing for people of color. Princess Tiana became a staple for many young girls and women. Much to everyone’s surprise, they were shocked to see how different the Black Princess Tiana appeared in the Wreck...

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Beyonce as Nala in “Lion King” Remake?

We all know that there is nothing new under the sun, and the Lion King is a classic  film that is going no where, but they are in process of the first remake since the 1994 film was released.  Though they are working on the cast for the entire...

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Pretty Hustla Spotlight: Ava DuVernay

Disney is continuing to prove to their fans and the world that they re as diverse as they need to be in such a bi-racial world.  Recently they announced the first Latina princess with her own animation serious on the network, now they have officiated something record breaking not...

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