Snoop Dogg and Trump started a sparring war on twitter and since then T.I. has jumped in and even Bow Wow has been thrown into the mix.  it all started when the big D-O-Double-G released a song and visual titled “Lavender”.  In the visual there are people walking around with clown faces painted on and Snoop Dogg comes on the television.  Throughout the video you see mockery of American life and to end everything, Snoop Dogg points a gun at a person with their face paint like Trump and pulls the trigger.  Instead of the gun going off, a flag that says bang comes out of the gun as in a Looney Tunes cartoon.

Those who are Anti-Trump feel like this video was well needed, those who are Pro-Trump feel like this is close to treason and no one should be able to make a mockery of the assassination of a president.  I won’t state my opinion, though I will remind that I am Anti-Trump, Anti-Wall, Anti-Travelban, and everything else. 

The visual made a definite statement, so much to the point that you cant find it to watch on the internet.  They have pulled it.  But you know we found the exclusive way to still keep you watching right?

Tune in below for this slight dubstep remix to the song and visual so they haven’t caught it yet.  Te hee.  Just don’t tell the Republicans. 

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