Snoop Dogg shares his thoughts on how a “wife” can be influential in your life

Snoop Dogg uploaded an appreciation post to his wife for holding him down all of these years. In his heartfelt message I realized that he was on to something. He made the comparison on the evolution of Jay Z and Kanye based of the affect their wives had on them. Yes, both gentlemen are extremely successful in their own right, but that’s not EVERYTHING.


We have all heard the saying “Happy Wife, Happy life” and that reigns true. As women we are often the matriarchs of the family. In some cases men may be head of the household, but lets face it, we are the ones pulling the strings and making things happen on a daily basis. We are strong, intuitive, and intelligent. What we do directly affects our family’s performance.


Although the media only provides us with a glimpse of their lives, we can at least agree that they lead different social lives and share different worldviews. Does this make one man better than the other — of course not! It just goes to show you the environment, love, and effort you provide your spouse will eventually manifest. Make sure you get what you deserve!




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