All too often we take the importance of our mouths for granted. It helps us to speak to one another, eat our favorite foods and show our happiness with a smile. Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking to The founder/CEO of 5 star smiles Danielle Noguera . Located in sunny Coral Gables Florida, 5 star smiles is a dental facility that specializes in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. One of their major goals is to keep all of its clients and future clients confident by encouraging them to look after their oral health.

1. What is 5 star smiles and what kind of services do you offer?

5 Star Smiles is team like no other. From the moment you inquire with us, we make you feel like part of our family. Although we specialize in cosmetic dentistry, we also pride ourselves on restorative dentistry as well. With cutting edge technology we have changed the way people feel about going to the dentist to making it an exciting & life changing experience. That’s really what we strive to create is an experience. That’s what clients take home with them. How they felt and how they were treated.

2. Is 5 star smiles open during quarantine and if so what kind of protective measures are you taking to make clients feel comfortable with COVID-19 concerns running high?

5 Star Smiles has remained open during a majority of the quarantine but the health & safety of our patients has always been our top priority, in fact it’s the core of everything we do. There was a point where we could see patients as emergency only but our 5 Star Family has supported us through it all. We are now requesting that our patients wait in their vehicles prior to their treatment, have their temperature taken upon arrival, wearing a mask & processing payment over the phone to limit cash flow as well.

3. In the past, this type of dentistry was often seen as something strictly for celebrities. In what way do you make your services accessible to the everyday person?

Although not everyone is proud of their smile, everyone deserves to smile  so we offer a variety of veneers to be able to accommodate everyone in having an aesthetically pleasing appearance. So many people contact us with a pre conceived notion or an assumption of this procedure costing 50,000 or more so they’re thrilled to hear we offer something that ranges around 6,000 because for a brand new smile that’s affordable. Not everyone is a candidate for our composite resin material as it is simply a material placed over your tooth and we mold it to the desired shape. Once we’re happy with the way it looks, we’ll shine a special light over the area to harden and cure the material in place. This lasts up to 8 years. As we mentioned prior, our patients health is always our top priority so if a patient has severe misalignment, missing teeth or an over/under bite we cannot completely manipulate that with composite resin material & we won’t just throw it over their smile-of course we can make anything cosmetically look nice but we care about your natural teeth from beginning to end. This option stands out to a lot of people due to the fact it requires no shaving of your natural teeth. Our other option would be the Porcelain veneer which is differentiated due to its longevity and durability lasting 20+ years.

4. Walk me through a typical consultation with 5 star smiles.

 A typical consultation with 5 Star Smiles is a luxury. Whether our patient is spending $125 for a cleaning or $40,000 because they need 3 root canals, a bridge & a mouth full of porcelain we treat them all the same-like family. The experience starts when you inquire with us, you’ll speak to our Director of Client Relations her name is Madison, she will ease you into the entire process & leaving you excited for your upcoming appointment. Our client concierge team will accommodate and assist you during your entire treatment.  At some point of your visit, you will meet Sheila, our practice manger, who gives us over 25 years of experience in the dental industry.  Sheila understands the clients needs. Together with our doctors, they will come up with a comprehensive treatment plan for your individualized diagnosis. Using state of the art equipment to create the most comfortable consultations and treatments available.

5. What’s next for 5 star smiles and what is the best way for our readers to reach you.

We are growing our facilities and team. Our 5 star family are so loyal that we have so many referrals have been able to grow so quickly.

Any questions or interests in booking a consultation
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Our team does not just co-exist in an office, they work together as a team. Putting together a great team is not a simple task & I, Danielle Noguera (founder/CEO) know how blessed I am to have such an incredible group of talented people behind the 5 Star name.

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