Love and Hip Hop‘s Rah Ali celebrated her birthday in style!  Photos of her upscale evening followed the celebration, revealing a beautiful setting and immaculate decor. It was all thanks to rapper Remy Ma!



Who would have known that along with being so talented with lyrics, rapper Remy Ma would have yet another awesome talent. The rapper posted photographs of her night out in celebration of Rashidah Ali’s birthday overt the weekend along with the fabulous fact that she planned the entire event. Remy posted a photo via Instagram expressing her long-time passion for event planning:

Last night was my dear friend (Rah Ali’s) Birthday Dinner. I planned it for the past 2 weeks in between my already crazy schedule and I was so happy that she LOVED everything! I love rap-be clear! But this party planning thing is so me…people that KNOW me totally get it.



Way to go Rem! The rapper/event planner gave social media a few looks at her previous art via “Reminisce Event Designs”:



We’d totally be up for letting Remy Ma plan an event! What do you say? Comment below


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