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Pretty Hustlaz work hard every day to bring their dreams to life and inspire others to do the same. Sometimes that can be a lot, more than we feel we can handle at points.  Most have an intimate partner, and/or children, plus careers, and household duties. Where is the time for us to personally unwind, release the world around us, and enjoy our own peace of mind?  Myself included will find myself going until I’m forced to stop working instead of finding time to treat myself for all of the hard work I put in.

Here are a couple of things that I have found to be effective to make sure you are able to be the most poised Pretty Hustla every day!

yoga1Redefine Downtime

         Take things that you would normally do and find ways to make them downtime. Your morning could normally consist of breakfast for the family before work. Maybe have the breakfast you would like to have and ask the kids to prepare it for you.

yoga4Take a Power Nap 

Seems like something little kids do right? But when there is no more room for relaxation, you have to take it back that far! Fall into a deep sleep for about 2 hours. Take some time and completely free your mind.

yoga3Do Your Favorite Activity Alone

         As women we automatically enjoy company at times and have girlfriends galore. On a regular basis, some rarely spend any time alone; let alone being able to do something we enjoy.  Taking the time to do what you really enjoy by yourself will allow your creative juices to flow, your mind to clear and your spirit to feel a little freer in passion.


Pretty Hustlaz are just that: Hustlaz. We have to even hustle time in for ourselves to keep our stress levels from peaking.  Next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, not specifically work or home, step back and choose one of the tips above.  I’m sure it will put you right back on track to Hustlin’!

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