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Have you ever had that favorite lipstick that always went well with anything but there was always a drawback? Maybe it was having to reapply continuously throughout the day or realizing that everyone knew YOUR cup because the lipstick seemed to have a love connection with everything you picked up and placed to your lips. I have had too many instances that I could relate! I had enough of seeing my lipstick on every glass I picked up. Now, I know the first response would be “well buy more expensive lipstick and you wouldn’t have that problem.” Well, I’ve tried them all and I could not find exactly what I was looking for with price being a non factor. We all know nothing is too expensive when it’s truly desired, needed or wanted.

Just when I was leaning towards giving up on finding that “perfect lip”, of course I went to social media. I posted that I was looking for a matte lipstick that could keep up with me. On that day, social media did not let me down! Although there were responses and suggestions, one particular comment stood out from the rest. A comment from Keoanna Lockett that would not only peak my interest but would give me exactly what I never thought I was looking for! Short and to the point she said “Amiana, I have a VEGAN cosmetic line and I believe I have what you’re looking for.” Little did I know at the time ReKwired Cosmetics would for me, coin the phrase “saving the best for last!” Keoanna sent me two samples of matte lipstick that I couldn’t wait to put the test. Not that I didn’t want to blindly trust Keoanna, but I wanted to see for myself. Could these lipsticks REALLY keep up with me throughout the day? Could they REALLY last all day without leaving behind traces of lipstick on my cups and glasses? The two samples Keoanna sent were Oh My and Dubai and to my surprise… both withstood the cup test, lasted all day, and looked amazing with my skin tone!

 L to R: Bubblegum, Oh My, Revealed, Scarlett, Dubai, Caramel, Mudslide

ReKwired Cosmetics conducted a soft launch party this week and I had the honor to be in the building. Keoanna Lockett, CEO of ReKwired Cosmetics, from St.Louis, Missouri has changed the game with this line! It’s not only the awesome vegan cosmetic line but the journey TO manifesting this line, and creating this line with the consumers in mind not only leaves you feeling fiercely beautiful on the outside but reminds you to stay fiercely beautiful inside too. When asked her WHY for starting this company, Keoanna states, “We are all so mindful about what we put IN our bodies that I believe that same mindfulness should apply to what we are putting ON our bodies. I wanted to provide makeup that I know wouldn’t cause harm now or later.” Being mindful of what we put ON our bodies is definitely something I have tried to be mindful about with taking care of my skin. Using Pampered Love’s vegan skincare and now incorporating ReKwired Cosmetics I feel like I really have a hang on the adulting life when it comes to health and beauty!

Although Keoanna had a very good vision it would not fully come to fruition without the help of her best friend and business partner Latrice Vincent. I love the transparency Keoanna had while speaking of Latrice. She stated “The idea came from a friend that admired the way I applied my lipsticks. She would always say I made her want to wear lipstick and she kept encouraging me to have my own.” With a little encouragement and a whole lot of faith ReKwired was born! It’s friends like Latrice that we should all seek. Friendships that will not only talk business with you but also DO business with you! Because after all if they are not pushing you to live your best life even when it’s uncomfortable then, what do we have them for?

With the inspiration, drive, and determination ReKwired is already in the making of branching out for kids as well. Keoanna states, “My goal is show my nieces/daughters that when you step out on faith you can achieve anything you set your mind to.” ReKwired is not only making it’s own lane, but already jump starting the minds of our future generation. Teaching them there are only glass ceilings in this life and ANYTHING is possible for them! Such a powerful and important message that our kids need to not only hear but see.

If you are in the market for a natural beauty regimen ReKwired Cosmetics should be at the top of your list as the line doesn’t stop at lipsticks. Lip gloss and eye shadow are also available. Keaonna is already in the lab producing more glamorous products to add to the collection! Keep up with ReKwired on their social media platforms for latest products and news! @ReKwiredCosmetics

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