Pretty Hustlaz Picks: 5 Best Moments from 2017 Grammy’s

There were a lot of moments to be remembered from the 2017 Grammys but here are our most memorable moments.

The 5th most enticing moment was the performance with Anderson.Paak and A Tribe Called Quest.  During their moment of time to shine they decide to address our current POTUS.

The 4th most exciting moment is really not a best, but it was a sight to see how entertainers deal with mess ups. Of course the woman on stage had to hold the performance together. Watch as Lady Gaga and Metallica fumble over mics, mic stands, dancers and more.


The 3rd moment is a bit more touching than the previous one. Adele performs a tribute to the late George Michael and she feels like she isn’t doing such a hot job in the beginning. Check out what she did to correct her mistake.


The 2nd life changing moment from the Grammy’s is of cours produced by the Queen Bey. Eve pregnant with twins, she slays the stage. And all while siting down. Take a look at her making the thronework look effortless.


The most meaningful moment of the 2017 Grammy’s, of course, has to include her Godliness again. Beyonce get’s serenaded and upstages someone else for Album OTY, but this time Yeezus isn’t the culprit. Check out Adele’s emotional and moving acceptance speech.



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