Pretty Hustla Spotlight: Priscilla Yebhoah

la1Pretty Hustlaz come from all shapes, sizes, and regions as well! Priscilla Yeboah has been a Pretty Hustla for simply a year now, building her brand from Toronto, Canada merely starting her business from her iPhone 4s. Laia Lux is a new line of Virgin Hair for the confident and versatile Pretty Hustla in you. Her company offers a variety of strands of hair from Brazilian to Indian.  She also offers closures, frontals, and clip-ins at an affordable rate for her customers.  

la4Specifically, her site offers hair care products that are a great asset for keeping your hair alive as well as tips for making your hair look the best that it can be.  Laia Lux is a virgin hair company with class and sophistication, even more astonishingly being ran by one single Hustla!  

la2Her being a business owner herself, she understands that everyone is working on a budget and has created options through Laia Lux available for them as well.  The company offers bundle packages for different curl patterns and lengths that will meet wallets where they need it most.  Even better than that, she has bestowed a discount that only Pretty Hustlaz can utilize!  The code is listed below along with links to the Laia Lux site and social media for you to take a closer look.
Be on the lookout for Laia Lux in an establishment near you or visit the Beauty Bar in Downtown Toronto that will be opening sooner than you think.  

Laia Lux Virgin Hair

Laia Lux Virgin Hair Instagram



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