Power’s Lela Loren aka Angela Receives Real Life Threats For Character

Power is one of the most popular shows on television right now. We have all felt the connection with Ghost, Tommy and Tasha. In a time where reality TV is so dominant, scripted television is a breath of fresh air. Especially a show like Power that keeps us on our toes and in suspense week after week. 50 cent and his team has done an amazing job with production. We love the characters and feel a sense of closeness to them. Well some of them…. then there’s Angela… the sidechick, the federal prosecutor, the manipulator, the one who executed arresting Ghost. The one we love to hate! But, for some fans the hate has grown from against Angela, to against Lela Loren.

Lela Loren is the 37-year-old actress who plays the role of Angela Valdez on Power. According to Lela, fans have been unable to separate the script from real life. Lela is constantly being bashed online via social media as fans are angry at Angela. The actress recently revealed that people have even threatened to cut her and rape her if she is seen in public.

Most of us are angry at her role, but threatening her? People really hate Angela right now, and unfortunately Lela too. Hopefully based on the information Angela got from last week’s episode (episode 4), she is about to make us happy and reveal that Ghost  never hid the gun. But until then, crazed fans really are not feeling Angela… But if makes things any better… It’s not just her, fans hate the whole prosecution team. Free Ghost!



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