“You flood my memory just like an ocean, and I was drowning in devotion”-Normani, Waves


If you’re not familiar with Normani, I’m sorry. I have to ask you WHERE have you been and WHAT are you doing with your life?! You have done yourself a horrible disservice by missing out! Just another reason why keeping up with us here at Pretty Hustlaz is SO important.! WE along with Nicki Minaj told yall the Normani was THAT GIRL!  (https://prettyhustlaz.com/5-fast-facts-on-normani-and-why-she-is-that-girl/)  The songstress has been giving vocals and slaying choreography since her 5th Harmony days and in the year of 2019 NOTHING has changed!
This week, Normani released the visual for her single featuring 6lack Waves.  I know this is weird for a writer to say but I HAVE NO WORDS! The spacey video is so beautiful. I can’t call it anything other than ART because that’s just what it is. The video is aesthetically pleasing and the choreography is OUT of this world.  The singer is set to release her debut album this year and she is definitely on the Pretty Hustlaz artist to watch list.Don’t’ take my word for it though check out why for yourself and let’s have a stan session in the comments when you’re done! I’m almost sure you’ll love it just as much as I did.


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