New USA Original “Queen Of The South” Will Leave You Riveted.

Queen of the South definetly spells out the words “Hustle on Fleek”!

In the show actress Alice Braga’s, who plays Teresa Mendoza, life goes from horridly reek to fabulously chic when she meets an American drug runner in Sinaloa, Mexico.  Shortly after their love sprawls into a insatiable fairytale, he is killed while working a dirty job.

Forced to leave her life of luxury behind so suddenly, you can imagine how little time she had to try to pack for her journey.

Through deception and greed she shortly finds out who she can trust from her boyfriends organization.  Robbing, killing, and kid napping, go on until she one day wakes up in Dallas, Texas becoming the newest protege for Cartel Kingpin Camila Vargas played by Veronica Falcon, or better known as “Queen Of The South”.

Though the first season does not reveal how Teresa gets on top, it gives you great insight to her character and gives you that nudge that women really can do ANYTHING!!!

Watch this #PrettyHustla survive by any means necessary in the daredevil USA Original series, Queen Of The South.

Don’t believe me?

Take a peek at the trailer below.


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