My Top 5 Seasonal Picks for Gorgeous Nail Designs

Have you ever been to the nail shop and you’ve already decided on getting more than your “basic” look but just don’t know what designs to get?  You sit there turning page after page of a design book and nothing is really going with your vibe. You know you want it to pop but, you also saw two people walk in so you pick a random design, cute but random, to go with to avoid being skipped.  Because who really has time to wait even longer? That’s not just me right? Well, I have picked my top favorite designs for you to avoid the endless page turning at the nail shop this season!

ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS! I am a huge fan of pointed nails so of course this is my #1 pick. I love the details on the red nails making it appear to be sweater material. It’s not too much but just enough detail to hear that statement we are all familiar with when you know your nail tech has done an amazing job, “Girl, let me see your hand.”

THE CLASSIC!  The classic look that will never go out of style, which is why The French Manicure is my #2 pick. It’s the go to when your employer just won’t let you be great or for those who just like to keep it classy.  You can never go wrong with the French Manicure, adding a pop of color on one nail with a snowflake design says classic yet fun.

SHORT STATEMENTS! Although I do love a pointed nail, I like to let my nails breathe from time to time and pamper my natural nails with a gel manicure. The natural nail is my #3 pick, who said you had to have 3 inch nails to make a statement? I love the red and gold color combination! Adding the swirl design gives the nails a little more style than the basic polished look.

CHRISTMAS COLORS! It’s only right that my pick #4 is actually Christmas colors.  I absolutely love the color break up with the white nail on the ring finger with a festive design.

MATTE LOOK! Pick#5, the matte look. Matte has become one of my favorites over time but it was the ring finger that caught my attention before the rest of the hand. I love this design because although it’s not super festive, I like how they have managed to make the ringer finger into a tiny little Christmas tree.


Which look do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below! Head over to my Instagram handle and let me know! @AmianaMonik




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