Meet Suzie Soprano of Trina’s Rockstarr Music Group

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Suzie Soprano.  Many people want to know more about the Beauty behind the shades. Well, All of your questions have been answered!

Where are you from? “I was Born in Detroit, MI. Spent some between Fort Meyers, FL, and  Atlanta, GA. Now I’ve lived in Orlando, Florida since 2014.”

What has been your musical journey been like? “My Dad sang background vocals for Tina Marie. I wrote my first song at age 5 and began to record in the studio by age 11. Then my Mom began dating this guy and Hip Hop was in rotation…we would listen to Trina and Eve records regularly. In 2012  I decided to take my Music Career more seriously and by 2015 released I released my first professional project “Thought you knew that “.

How did you meet Trina? “At age 8 I saw Trina getting on her tour bus and I ran up to the bus and began banging on it as she drove away. Trina smiled and waved at me. Later, I bumped into Trina at a Tory Lanez concert and thought to myself “Ohh Noo Why didn’t I tell her I Rap.” Several months ago I ran into Joy Young (Trina’s Cousin) at one of my shows and we exchanged contacts. Joy began tagging me on Social Media and eventually, she tagged in an Instagram post saying Trina looking to sign Artists. And here we are now.”

How has your life changed if any since being signed to Rockstarr Music Group? “I Signed 7 days ago to Rockstarr my followers online have increased dramatically and I have had an interview every day since then.”

What advice would you give to upcoming artists and what have you learned along the way? “Stay true to yourself. Don’t let anyone define what your style is even if you’re a tomboy. If they’re trying to get you to change that means they just don’t believe in you enough as you are”

How can we stream your music? “YouTube is the best place, Pandora will be updated soon … I even have some stuff on Soundcloud with  Moneybagg Yo, Jose Guapo, and Chubby Jagg .”

Where can we follow you? “Its Suzie Soprano everywhere, except on Twitter you have to add a One (1) … ”

Of course, we’ve all been dying to know, Do you any current love interests? “Single.”

Ok well, any Pretty Hustle tips for Our Readers? “Stay cool and PRAY!”


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