What is your name or what name do you prefer for the purposes of this interview?

Nicole “Tiovanni” Hardy


The name of your business, your website, what does this business specialize in?

President of 1925 Consulting LLC

Business Strategy Consulting Firm based in Manhattan, NY.


We specialize in developing and launching companies in the areas of Technology, Cannabis and Health & Wellness. We also have an Entertainment division that focuses on Music Festivals, Film and Events.



What is your position/define “what you do”

I am the President and Lead Strategist. I oversee multiple projects and create quantitative strategies for clients to have successful launches, partnerships and mergers/sales.


How did you get started in your field? And tell us more about your path to get there

I’ve been in several industries- as a teenager I was a professional recording artist and spent years in the music industry. Then I jumped into corporate America and broke records in the staffing industry. I saw some decent success with Network Marketing and then opened my own Welllness Spa called Sculpt Body Lounge. Ironically I opened Sculpt after taking a major loss and built it from a place of desperation. But I kept several things in mind while building Sculpt Body Lounge- 1. Build systems that make it duplicatable (for potential franchising) 2. Build something commercial and attractive enough that someone will want to buy it or buy into it. I was then able to successfully sell majority of the company within 2 years. I then went and got an Executive Certificate in Corporate Finance and dove into the world of Private Equity and Venture Capital and then ultimately into Cannabis and Software as a Consultant. In my mind all of these things were related because they had one thing in common for me- the fact that I was able to create a strategy in every one of these fields and show people and companies how to win.


What was your first big break

Or “aha moment “?


In every industry I was in, I noticed one thing- relationships were everything. I realized that I had an affinity for meeting people, developing relationships and connecting the dots. My entire life was based on me successfully connecting myself and others to purposeful and profitable opportunities. My “aha moment” was when I realized this was invaluable and that I could make a living out of literally showing people the “play” (Strategy) to lead them to success.


Do you love what you do? Why?


I absolutely love what I do because it’s so much bigger than me. I immerse myself into the visions of others to help them come to life. I truly believe that my purpose on this earth is to show others just how powerful they are.


What are some of the challenges?


I work in a predominantly male dominated industry and I’m a bald, young, Black Woman. This is not a challenge to me at all- but the world would see it as a challenge and THAT’s why I will win.

Another challenge is sometimes having to get Executives and Business Owners out of their own way. Teaching people to remove emotions from business and focus on the end goal.


Since this is pretty Hustlaz and you’re a “pretty girl”… what are some tips you would give to stay “pretty “ on the inside and out ?


  1. Stay true to you at every phase of your journey and trust the process! I look back on my life and think about the young Rockstar Niqqi that lived a fast life with no breaks- and now I can even understand how things I learned in that life apply to my corporate life today.

  2.  I also recommend WRITING THE VISION DOWN! My Master Suite at my home is literally covered in poster sized paper with plans, templates and goals. Remind yourself of your goals daily and speak everything into existence!

  3. NEVER make excuses or let your past predict your future! I’ve been divorced twice, I’m a single mom with a 2 year old and a college drop out. But I’ve also built and sold my first business before I was 30, hold a Master’s level certificate in Corporate Finance and am on track to take a company public by the time I’m 35. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


What are some tips you would give to your fellow hustlers?

  1. Find your idol or role model in your field and study them relentlessly. Success always leaves clues!

  2. Also, study your industry and become a subject matter expert. People pay for expertise.

  3. Understand your value and never sell yourself short!

  4. Build a strong support system! Shoutout to my mom and my team because without them no success would be possible!


What are your current projects and what can the world expect from Nicole Tiovanni?


My firm recently partnered with a Software company called Digital Air Technology & Analytics to roll out their flagship ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Software) called Maxwell Precise.Maxwell Precise is a tool that will allow small and medium sized businesses to operate efficiently, with real time data and processes that they’d otherwise not be able to afford. This partnership allows my firm and I to be at the forefront of Digitization and help not only my clients, but small business worldwide increase revenue by approximately 25%+.  I believe this is the beginning of the pinnacle of my career because very few women have been able to lead a wave like this. Digitization is the beginning of a whole new world. This bridges all of my ventures because every company needs to run more efficiently and having a software that transcends industries and makes this possible is a game changer!


My company also has several major projects in Film, TV and Entertainment rolling out that will take the world by storm. Major shoutout to my partners that represent 1925 in other industries and make sure that we continue to bring the world the NEW, NOW and REVOLUTIONARY!

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