Dr. Katina is a Family Nurse Practitioner who specialize in primary care, gynecology, and sexual health. She is a Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Professor, Television and Radio Health Expert, and Fitness Advocate. Dr. Katina has been seen nationally in Essence magazine, Fox Soul with Claudia Jordan podcast, and has written numerous publications including articles for Black Love and Bronze Magazine. She has been seen on NBC 6 The Voices with Jawan Strader and nationally syndicated TV One talk show, Sister Circle Live. She’s also a regular guest on Get Up Mornings, with Grammy award winning gospel artist Erica Campbell, a nationally syndicated radio show where Dr. Katina joins Erica for the “Healthy Ever After” segment to discuss issues ranging from mental health to knowing your health status.
Dr. Katina’s vision is connecting health and wellness to your everyday life. She is committed to empowering and inspiring all to live healthy, active and amazing lives. She started her career in 2003 and has never wavered in her effort to teach people about good health. Energetic, compassionate and caring, are just a few words that describe Dr. Katina. She has continued to build an adept career within the medical industry through strong community ties and her ability to speak and reach people in a unique way. She tackles taboo topics! Some of her most controversial topics are focused on sex related content such as vaginal dryness, masturbation and bacterial vaginosis. There is no topic she won’t tackle. She launched her popular, “Let’s Talk Sex: Wednesday’s” on Facebook and Instagram and has garnered over a million views.
She has a passion to teach and educate about healthy sexual lifestyles. In 2016, Dr. Katina released her first book, Let’s Talk Sex & STDs: A Guide to Prepare Parents for the Talk and Student Edition. This book started a very important dialogue around sex and sex health for all age groups. The Let’s Talk Sex & STDs series is here to assist in parental and student readiness; to assure all information passed on is correct and consistent with that of medical professionals. This guide breaks down sex and STDs in a way that anyone can understand. Dr. Katina has created this self-help medical advisory guidebook so that when it is time to educate and inform your children of sex, it’s done skillfully. Let’s Talk Sex and STDs: The Student Edition can be found on amazon.com.
Dr. Katina began her journey studying nursing at Florida A&M University, and then went on to complete her masters’ degree in nursing at Florida Atlantic University and her doctoral degree in educational leadership at the University of Phoenix. “My purpose in life is to educate others about having a healthy mind, body and lifestyle so they can live a high quality of life, mentally and physically,” says Dr. Katina.
Dr. Katina as an entrepreneur is making major moves! She is the founder and CEO of All About Healthy Living Foundation which is a non-profit organization that caters to the health needs of people within the African-American community. She hosts Teen, Women, and Men Health Parties to raise money to award scholarships for seniors headed to college whose major is in the health science field.
Dr. Katina is also the proud owner of Dr. Katina Health and Wellness, LLC in which she provides telehealth virtual health care services in the comfort of your own space at an affordable price. You can schedule your virtual appointment at www.drkatinakennedy.com/telehealth.
Lastly, Dr. Katina is doing amazing things! She recently launched her product line of an All Natural Personal Lubricant called Sextivia! Sextivia is an all-natural personal lube collection which consists of a water-based and oil-based formula that is sure to excite. These unique, top-selling formulas provide silky smooth lubrication for sheer sensation and satisfaction. Sextivia is long-lasting, condom and non-condom compatible. These carefully formulated products can be easily cleaned up if things get a little wild. This can be ordered on www.sextivia.com.”
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