downloadBeing a real woman is the part of a Pretty Hustla that can’t be fabricated or faked.  When something happens to us, we expect Hustlas to spring forth and cover each other like a blanket during winter.  Similarly, when there is a woman that doesn’t provide that warming cloak of protection, there is a secret law upheld by realness that is broken.  This was the case for R&B sensation K.Michelle and Breakfast Club Personality Angela Yee recently.  

Previously on an episode of the breakfast club, the aroma of K.Michelle’s genital area was brought into question.  The comments made were no less than embarrassing and of course with the breakfast club’s large platform, the conversation seemed to go viral in moments.  Soon after, K.Michelle graced Charlamagne, DJ Envy & Angela Yee with her presence to talk about her new album release More Issues Than Vogue.  During the interview, K.Michelle demonstrated how she felt Yee broke that law.  She didn’t appreciate the role she played in the conversation about her vagina.img_9376

(K.M.)“ I know you want ratings, but you’re a woman… It was kinda like come on angela… you a woman… My thing with you is that you are friends and family of the label.  You have to do a job but maybe when you open your mouth before you do your job you should look at the time.  You were at my listening party, you know how the media attacked me… “

Throughout the interview Yee is mostly quiet.  It’s actually a sight to see because she is a very controversial conversationalist.  The fact that she is a journalist and understands how to choose her words wisely is how she is able to win her battles.  Not with K.Michelle though.  The few comments she did make to defend herself were often over talked by her.

(A.Y.) “I’m saying how could you say something like that about a woman and then say that you would hit it, that means something is wrong wit you… I’ll have to go back over our notes, because I remember someone bringing it up…”

She didn’t know how to keep that real warm cloak of protection over her supposed friend & fellow Hustla, and K.Michelle called her on it.  

k.-michelle(K.M.)“You wouldn’t remember it,.  You, you, youuuuu brought it up.  Im telling you, you brought it up you sat there and chuckled… And you don’t know what that might have done to me.  If I wasn’t a b***h out there drankin’ my dranks, cashin’ my checks, f*****g niggas out the a**, it might would’ve f****d up my whole m****f****n day… I understand it a joke, but my album coming out. You know what I’m saying… I been busting my a** for that album, but as a woman it’s a time and a place.  You not gon be oprah like that.  At some point the first shall be last and the last shall be first… ”

Furthermore, when asked if she would forgive Yee her response was…

(K.M.)“I just don’t care… one thing about it is women is another thing.  Y’all two might never get it bc yall dont have that spot in ya’ll but there are certain things that women don’t wanna hear, yall couldve ran the credits but she hopped right in, so if you don’t want nobody to do it to you , don’t do it to them.  So no.”

Though it seemed Yee had stopped making her random rebuttals, they continued.  She tried to combat later with the fact that K.Michelle had spoke about another female recently.  K.Michelle responded candidly,tumblr_o2zbt8hi9N1soybvho1_400

(K.M.)“I sho’ did, I sho’ did!  Because that lady said that I don’t have custody of my kid and thats none of your business! That lady said that my story was a lie, that was some real shit with me and her!  Your lil’ petty s**t about my p**sy and if it smell like a glade candle or a fish market or not, that little s**t (pointing at Yee)  is some petty s**t from a woman… why you talking about it again.  You talked to him about it last time he was there.  If you’re going to be a journalist, you need to remember your statements… But you brought that up, not him (referring to Envy), not him (referring to Charlemagne) , and at the end of the day I ain’t f*****g w you for that,  now let’s move on.”

K.Michelle was pretty strong about her point, and she made some very objective statements.  As a woman we should respect each other, but as a radio personality it is Yee’s job to make headlines.


Do you think K.Michelle was wrong for not forgiving Angela Yee?  

If you were in Angela Yee’s position what would you have done?

Leave us a comment below!  


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