July 27th Could Bring Major Changes To Your Life

On July 27, the projected longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century will occur. It is projected that this eclipse could last up to 143 minutes. In the recent days you may have began to feel anxious, or excited or nervous about change. It is all part of the lunar eclipse, crazy as it sounds there is a direct correlation.

In the weeks leading up to to the blood moon (July 27), you probably have started to become more conscious of your future and the goals that you need to achieve to make your dreams come true. Now I know this sounds perfect. But (yes there is a but), it will also be a time when you become very emotional. All of your feelings and thoughts that you have pushed away will surface during this metamorphosis. You may find yourself being a little….extra due to the release of these emotions. The blood moon pulls out emotions and feelings that we often try very to hide.

As the blood moon approaches your anxiety will definitely be at its peak. It’s like when you are a kid and you are super excited about the first day of school. You have in your mind the thought of how you plan to be super fly and cool but then you also have worry of how things are going to go. That is the feeling that you will be experiencing. You are excited about the changes that are about to occur in your life but nervous at the same time.

Lunar eclipse can only occur during full moon. This one is special because it is also the “the Blood Moon” meaning it is in perfect alignment with the sun and Earth, with the moon on the opposite side of the Earth from the sun.

So in the coming days expect some life changing events for yourself or your friends. Birth of a baby, an engagement, a promotion, a move to a new home or purchase of a new home, a new relationship (yes I’m claiming that new boo like Russel Wilson). There will be some type of big event that occurs. Whatever the event, its the universe’s indication that its time for you to move forward. This could also include break ups, job losses, illness, you get the picture the not so good changes. But just always remember if one door shuts, another opens, and men are like buses “miss one next 15 one coming” in Gucci voice.

Don’t be surprise if things start happening faster than you expected. That promotion may not be a year a way but more like 6 months, bae may finally pop the question, anything can happen. The eclipse is known to speed up processes. Life changing events will seem to happen rapidly.

Be ready, July 27th, The Blood Moon aka the Lunar eclipse is taking place. Everything that you have experiencing and feeling will make sense.


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