Jordan Peele’s US Movie Review

“Like comedy, horror has an ability to provoke thought and further the conversation on real social issues in a very powerful way”

-Jordan Peele


The highly anticipated sophomore movie directed by Jordan Peele US has hit box offices across the country. Like most I have been waiting to see just what next Jordan Peele had under his sleeve following his first debut film Get Out. Although directed by the same man, these two movies have nothing else in common besides the double meanings throughout the film or does it? I have followed press coverage and watched all the trailers leading up to US and it still did not prepare me for the movie in it’s entirety. This film has been rated Horror/Thriller and although I did not find the movie scary at all it did have the ability to keep my attention for the whole duration of the movie. I was really hoping the media coverage and trailer did not show “all the good stuff” US had to offer. Well, I was not disappointed.

Lupita Nyong’o (Adelaide/Red) and Winston Duke (Gabe/Abraham) who play a loving middle class African American family of four, visit their family beach house for the summer. On this particular vacation we are taken into a world of a very creepy duality. Trying to take on catching all the double meanings Jordan Peele incorporated while paying attention to the movie itself was very hard for me to do. From “following the white rabbit”, to realizing the “evil twins” claim to be American and why, to the reference of  the failed 1986 campaign Hands Across America, this movie was nothing short of an adventure! I found myself continuously leaning in towards the movie screen awaiting what the next scene would hold. Over the course of the movie bits and pieces are put together to give you an overall picture of why and how this family found themselves in a world that they would never voluntarily be in. Again, due to the whole film having double meanings even down to the title, this is definitely a film you need to see several times.

Lupita Nyong’o by far was the star of this movie putting on a very convincing and eerie role playing Red, her “evil twin.” In my opinion this is the best movie role Lupita has played because Peele gave her room to show her versatility that she has not yet been able to show in previous films. Lupita in a previous interview leading up to US‘s debut talked about getting ready to dive into the role of Red and why she felt choosing the voice of Red needed to be different. Giving Red a voice that suffered from Spasmodic dysphonia was brilliant as it helped to present a very eerie presence. I did notice that Red was the only “twin” in the movie that actually spoke, the other “twins” made only nonverbal noises. These nonverbal noises reminded me of animals grunting and responded mostly to what could be considered as very broken sign language. Although Lupita was the star in this movie,  Peele handpicked a very stellar and talented cast. See full cast here US Full Cast

Jordan Peele has once again “did it for the culture” with this film! Providing people of color a “change of scenery” on the big screen having the melanin brothers and sisters lasting throughout the entire movie. It’s been a long time coming to see a film where your favorite actor or actress of color does not die in the first 5 minutes. This particular subject Peele did speak on stating that “there has been a systematic failure in representation when it comes to minority talent.”  From HBCU’s attire, classic hip hop song “I Got Five On It”, and of course the cast, Peele has yet again boldly stood for what he feels and has placed in our laps to unfold in the form of film. Peele has successfully found his own lane in the film industry.

In the world we now live in that has become very accustomed to materialistic and meaningless things,  Peele’s  brilliant mind and director skills has movie goers leaving thinking long and hard about our own reality. Are we our own worst enemy? Are we somehow killing ourselves? Should we GET OUT the US?? Does banning together come at high price? Whew! Too many questions not enough answers…yet!

Have you seen Jordan Peele’s US? What are thoughts and views? Did YOU catch all the double meanings? Comment below and let us know!!!




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