When Ivy of Hair by Ivy decided she wanted to throw the mother of all women’s empowerment events, she knew that it would be no easy feat. “People are still recuperating from Christmas.” You’ve  got be crazy to throw such a large event at the very beginning of the year” and of course “ Black women just don’t support each other like that.” These were just a few of the responses given when she pitched her idea to others. Despite all the push back, Ivy knew her vision could not only be accomplished, but she would also prove all the naysayers wrong. On Sunday, January 6th, 2019 the What’s Your Net-Worth?  Inaugural Women’s Empowerment Brunch was held at the Gallery of Amazing Things, and it was a sold out event.


The doors opened at exactly 12:10 pm. By this time, there was a line of eager young entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs,  and people from all walks of life lined up outside.” I’m so happy you paid for me to attend this event! I’ve taken classes with Ivy! I thought I was going to have to miss this!”  One girl exclaimed as she hugged her friend. They excitedly gave their names and received their bands to enter. Once inside, they were wowed by the beautiful décor of what seemed to be never ending pink and white flowers. The girls giggled excitedly. Everyone behind them had the same reaction. Some stopped on the red carpet to take pictures. Others broke off to go visit the many vendors that were attendance. Most took advantage of the unlimited mimosas.

The crowd was afforded plenty of time to network and get to know one another. With so many business women and men in the building it would be foolish not to take advantage of the opportunity.  The Host’s voice boomed over the mic calling everyone to the main room to take their seats and get ready to hear the panelists every one rushed to get a seat. Everyone’s favorite midday bae Stichiz took the mic “Look to your sister and tell her she looks GOOD!” she exclaimed. The room was filled with smiles and laughter. The panel was filled with young women who had jumped every obstacle you could think of to get where they are today. Award winners of Women of Tomorrow were also honored. Trina took the stage to remind everyone what’s for you is for you! No matter how many people do what you do they won’t do it like you. She credits this mindset for her being able to stay in the game over 17 years.  If you missed this event you not only missed a treat, you missed an evening of inspiration, business talk, great food by Magic Soul Food. Check out Pics from this amazing afternoon below!






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