Masayuki says he is in love with Mayu and wants to be buried with her when he diesHow would you feel if you chose not to have sex with your husband and he buys a sex doll to fill his urges but ends up falling in love with it? 45-year-old Masayuki explained how he fell in love with a doll to press.

“After my wife gave birth we stopped having sex and I felt a deep sense of loneliness.”

The moment he saw Mayu (name of doll) in the showroom, He expressed it was love at first sight. His wife was furious when he brought the doll home but she is forced to put up with it. The husband and wife have a daughter who was frightened by the doll when she first laid eyes on Mayu in disappointment that it wasn’t a life size Barbie. The daughter is older now and shares clothes with the doll. Despite his wife’s discomfort Masayuki will continue to, take his doll out on dates (in a wheelchair) and dress her in wigs, sexy clothes and trinkets.

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