How The Race Card Made Me Fall For Art

At one point, I defined art as paintings, sculptures, drawings, etc. I know I love music and dancing but I didn’t really consider either of them to be “Art”. It wasn’t until I had the chance to go to an art exhibit that I realized how wrong I was. My friend Chanel invited me down to Jacksonville for the event, her boyfriend did some work for it and she insisted that I would love it so I said sure. This is my chance to be bougie and go to an art show. Mind you.. I went into this completely blind. With no idea what to expect, now I did attend Art Basel last year but to be honest I was there partying and not caring about a piece of art lmao.


I attended the Candy by Malc Jax  exhibit at Space 42. Honestly, I had no idea how much of a big deal Malc Jax is when I attended this event but It was such an amazing experience! If you don’t know Malc Jax here’s a little background. Street Dreams Magazine and VSCO have featured his work, his clientele is supreme working with brands such as Swisher International, BBC/Ice Cream, Victory Lap USA and Cinematic Music Group just to name a few. If ya don’t know now you now… Big ups to you my dog!!

Back to my experience though…

I always pictured these events to be boring, filled with bougie people drinking wine and eating cheese and shit. To my surprise it wasn’t! I walked in and different forms of art filled the street inspired venue. Paintings, photography, sculptures, graffiti, an actual old school drop top Chevy Caprice was in the middle of the floor bro. It was LIT. They had the music banging… as soon as I walked I heard 2chainz 4 am and I knew I was in the right place lmao.
When I saw the painting below.. I felt like I feel when I hear a song that relates to my current situation or finding the perfect words exactly when you need them. I felt connected to it and the pain behind it.

My perception of what art is was forever changed in that moment #PositiviTEA!!!

As an African American woman in the world right now this piece being created on a door screams at me. Doors are constantly being closed and hidden from us as a culture to this day and its sick and I think that is what it represents! Second,  is the fact that this is a “master” card… get it MASTER card with Jesse Owens on it with the quote “never run home without it”, I know that we the new slaves *Kanye Voice*! This piece to me just shines light on how far we’ve come and how much farther we have to go. Now, that’s just my perspective! That’s the great thing about art there is no right or wrong answer or view. Whatever you get from a piece is what YOU GET! With this in mind keep an open mind when you visit these Art Basel events next month.

What I learned about art:

Art is ANY FORM of EXPRESSION and expression should not be limited, it is so much more than paintings and pictures. People that like art aren’t ‘bougie’ they simply understand, feel, and connect more through visual expression. Now i’m ready to conquer Miami Art Basel 2018 with confidence and most importantly, the right perspective. Stay tuned for exclusive coverage of the hottest Art Basel Events December 5th-9th. Stay positive, keep hustlin’ and stay pretty!
Check out more of Malc Jax’s work at

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