For the most part, we bring you stories and event coverage from our point of view. However, from time to time we like to give it to you straight from the horses mouth. For this reason, we’re always excited when we get a chance to add interviews to our content. I had the pleasure of catching up with handbag designer Dennisha Mcthay. Dennisha is the owner of DMDesigns, a luxury handbag site where each bag is custom designed with Dennisha’s personal touch.


  • When did you start designing handbags?  

In Nov. 2016


  • What made you choose them as oppose to clothing or other accessories?  

Handbags were my choice because of the sentimental value it carries in the life of a woman. It’s her most prized possession. Women and handbags seem to be inseperable. Ask a woman whether she loves bags and I guarantee you will never hear a “NO’ for an answer. It is a mysterious vault that many of us would wonder what does a woman carry in her handbag?  Everything she has in her handbag, she just can’t live without it. 


  • When did you decide this would be your career?  

I’ve always had a love for oversized clutches and tote bags, but could never really find one I loved. They were always too small or all black. They were boring. I wanted a large bag that was large enough for all of my crap, colorful, and unique. When I would attend parties and events rocking my custom designs,  women would compliment them and encourage me to make them available for purchase. a few weeks after,  I launched my brand and since then I have created over 60 designs.


  • Are you a self taught or did you attend school?

Yes, I’m a self taught designer. I’ve always been obsessed with fashion, clothes, shoes, makeup, handbags, and colors. 

  • Where do you draw inspiration?

My inspiration is drawn from a variety of things such as magazines,, style blogs, art galleries and design blogs. The world of fashion has a long and varied artistic history. Trends change on a seasonal basis and often reflect the overall sentimental culture at any given time. Often stepping away from the places I normally seek inspiration often lead to a whole new world of creative sources.  


  • Walk me through the process of selecting the materials for your handbags?

The secret to making a gorgeous bag comes from the planning stages. Choosing quality materials will make or break your bag. Each type of bag involves a different set of design requirements. All bags must be strong enough to carry the required load, flexural stiffness, waterproofing, ventilation, wear resistance, color retention and tear resistance. 


  • Are there any materials that you avoid? 

Yes, vinyl material. Vinyl is a synthetic substance composed of resin or plastic. The material is very versatile but less durable than leather. Vinyl eventually is subject to deterioration in the form of cracking or splitting. 


  • What effect does the type of material have on the quality of the handbag?

It’s a material world, especially when it come to handbags. When it comes to versatility, durability and style the type of material has a huge impact on quality and how long they last. Selecting a material such as leather is the best investment. It is best to invest in a genuine leather handbag that boost superior quality and rich craftsmanship. Pure leather is resistant to dust mites, fungal attacks, and dry abrasion. It’s long lasting! You can pack in your essentials without worrying about the handbag breaking down or falling apart. 


  • What sets DMD apart from other brands?

Each of our bags are part of long-term campaign, PWAP- purses With A Purpose, which supports at -risk youth. From each sale, we are helping transform young adults, with the aim to create a more prospective future – giving them another chance to succeed in life, family and friendship while gaining skills and knowledge on becoming an entrepreneur.  DMD is work is unique, not only because of my approach to construction and design, but also my hands on instruction to encourage young people to find their passion and hone their artistic skills.


  • Do you have a favorite designer?

Yes, Kate Spade. She is my favorite because her handbags are designed with crisp colors, graphic prints and playful sophistication. All of the necessities to be a successful bag designer. Rest in peace Kate Spade…


  • What can we expect next for DMD?

I’ve got an aspiring line in the works that I’m currently creating. DMD will be adding some fly pieces and accessories to pair with the bags, like cuffs, scarves and business card holders. 


Check out DMDesigns here  and let us know what you think and don’t forget to pick up something cute for your next event.

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