“All of Yall Have in Some Way Impacted My Life” -Ola


Birthdays are made to celebrate another year of life. According to Wikipedia, Its anniversary of the day on which a person was born, typically treated as an occasion for celebration and the giving of gifts. Very seldom do people give gifts on their own born day. On February 8th 2019, Hair Goddess Boutique owner and CEO decided to change the game. She used her Birthday as a reason to throw a Soiree to remember. Complete with great food & signature drinks this was more than just a birthday celebration. Attendees were given the opportunity to shop socialize and learn with other business minded individuals. If you’re a loyal Hustla I’m sure you’ve seen us cover the Hair Goddess Boutique networking events. (https://prettyhustlaz.com/hair-goddess- boutique-presents-happy-hour-beauty-mixer-explosion/) & (https://prettyhustlaz.com/sunday-funday-w-hair-goddess-boutiques-happy-hour-beauty-mixer/ )  Ola never misses an opportunity to help motivate others to win.

Another birth was also celebrated that evening. No, it wasn’t a new baby but a Hair Goddess Boutique All New Haircare Line! We know that the boutique offers full beauty hair & makeup services, now; a full line of haircare products is available to accommodate those beautiful hair goddess boutique extensions which are also offered by Ola. All too often people will launch a product and shove it in your face to buy, The Soiree offered the chance to learn about each new product and why it is beneficial. The most impressive part if the hair line is the fact that it offers things for natural hair too, Ola stressed the importance of taking care of your natural hair as well. After the launch We moved the party to the back deck under the night air. Ola took time to personally address and thank everyone who was present. People in attendance were not shy about sharing their love for Ola either. After words of affection and few tears, it was time to party! We laughed dance and drank the night away! After all this was a celebration! Check out  more flicks below!



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