Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil was Born into a royal family that ruled the kingdom of Rajpipla in India for almost 600 years. The Prince had been raised to take over a dynasty until he announced he was gay back in an interview in 2006. The statement caused him to be disowned by his family. The town also Protested as they unapproved his sexual orientation.  The government even offered him security after receiving several death threats, but he turned down the offer and refused to back down. Since then, the Prince has become a massive advocate for the Lgbt community. As the world faces a pandemic  Prince Manvendra and his husband, DeAndre Richardson, spent the last few months in quarantine getting the shelter in place for those who have been disowned by their families. The site will serve as a haven for individuals to get back on their feet and learn job skills. The shelter will be on his property in the Indian state of Gujarat. He is also working with several aid agencies to prevent the spread of H.I.V. among gay men. It’s so great that despite all the price hardship, he continues to fight!

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