“When people get fortune cookies, we all get a different message, when people press play on fortune cookie they all will get a different message depending on where they are in life” -Brianna Perry

When the topic of female rappers in South Florida comes up, many mention Trina and now The City Girls. However Brianna Perry has been killing the rap game since she was “Lil Brianna”. Some know her from The Sisterhood of Hiphop, but those who are REALLY  familiar with all of her hard work are having a hard time believing she’s all grown up now. Outside of being an artist, The business savvy Brianna  also completed her degree at the University of Miami.

“Everybody isn’t an overnight success”-Brianna

It’s been a long and frustrating ride for her. Like many artists, Brianna has had some issues with her label that have certainly delayed her releases. But delayed doesn’t mean denied. The Miami rapper may be frustrated but she’s not discouraged. Although she doesn’t have a big machine turning behind her, Brianna has managed to release her long awaited EP Fortune Cookie. The EP has 16 tracks with features from Offset, Blockboy JB, Miami’s own Ballgreezy and Gunna. The 305 is known for music that makes you dance coupled with slick bars about the opposite sex that would make most people blush. Fortune cookie gives us that and LYRICISM! If you know anything about Brianna then you know her word play is nothing nice. Don’t take my word for it, head over to wherever you stream music and take a listen to Fortune Cookie and after you listen COP IT!!!


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