Rihanna never ceases to amaze her fans with the way she dominates every platform she steps on to, and this winery will be no different. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, she has reportedly filed for a name “Fenty Estates Wine and Spirits Company,” to be trademarked. Apparently, all those days when she was caught carrying the wine glass out of restaurants, she was really giving us signs and preparing us for this. Also, we have yet to even get over he release of Fenty Beauty products, with 40 shades of foundation and other products the internet has been raving on. Not to speak of Rihanna’s longtime partnership with PUMA and her runway show at New York Fashion, which had pink sand dunes and bikers doing flips in the air over the show. Rihanna has become a force to be reckoned with in multiple industries and we are all anticipating her latest endeavor with the winery, as we all know it will be nothing less than amazing.

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