Latest ‘Empire’ Season 2 spoilers dished some major things that fans should look forward to. One of these is the unstable relationship of Tiana and Hakeem. It is said that the two may get back together in the upcoming season. This is only part of the exciting scenarios of the season 2, as they are setting the bar high to live up our expectations.

Season 1 of the Fox drama ‘Empire’ was a great success. So, it is only just that the show is currently setting the bar high to live up fans’ expectations.

And artist Serayah is pretty confident that the sophomore season can meet or exceed fans expectations. In a recent interview, the actress confidently said that the show has packed with brilliant writers, producers and directors to make things happen. She also expressed her excitement for Empire Season 2.

As for her character, she said that Tiana is hopeful to get back with her on and off boyfriend Hakeem (played by Bryshere “Yazz” Gray). Actress revealed that the Tiana/Hakeem saga might happen once again. But Serayah is unsure of what kinds of songs she would like to record in ‘Empire’ Season 2. However, she loves R&B and pop that is more sultry and melodic.

As for Hakeem, previous ‘Empire’ Season 2 spoilers divulged that his character will have a major transformation-not only physically, but emotionally. Gray said that his character reflects on the things that had happened during the last season of ‘Empire’, as he changed for the better?

Season 2 is reportedly expand to 18 episodes and will be divided into two parts. The first half will air in the fall, and the second half will be out in spring. ‘Empire’ Season 2 will also have even more celebrity appearances by Chris Rock, Lenny Kravitz, Alicia Keys, and possibly Diddy’s son, Quincy.

Source: Venture Capital Post

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