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The wonderful wanderlust of celebrities is ever changing and although I’m sure a lot of you were excited to see where Drake and J-Lo’s relationship went.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  I</span>t started with seemingly simple pictures on instagram, the two being spotted spending time together at his shows, and even cute shows of affection caught by the tabloids but it looks like their relationship was short lived.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>Not even a month ago, J-Lo went through this same spell with another major entertainer, but this time sport.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>Former baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, took J-Lo by to meet his family recently and it was all the rave online.

<p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>Their ascension was light as her and Drake’s relationship dwindled.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>Selfie here.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>Dinner post there.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>Then before you know it, she is in good with the fan!!
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<p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>“Simply sweet!!!” Susy Dunand, Rodriguez sister and luxury realtor in Miami, captioned a smiling photo of the two. </span></p>
<p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>In Dunand’s snapchat her and 2 other women are having a ball.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>She leaves it off with<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>“Any given Friday!” she wrote accompanied by hashtag #miscuñis, which is a Spanish term for “sister-in-law,”. </span></p>
<p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>Drake and J-Lo may be over, but “J-Rod” (J-Lo &amp; Rodriguez) seems like they are here to stay and may be taking it for the long haul. </span></p>

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