"Where there is no struggle, there is no strength"-Oprah Winfrey

            Sherria Williams born December 8 a proud native of Miami, Florida insists that those words have guided her into some of many personal, professional, and spiritual accomplishments in life. Attorney, entrepreneur, and community supporter are few, of the many hats, worn by Williams. Williams graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology, from The Florida State University, and later earned her Juris Doctor degree The Florida State University College of Law in 2009. 

Sherria was fortunate to return to her hometown as she started her legal career protecting the residents of Miami-Dade County at the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office. As an Assistant State Attorney, Williams prosecuted cases from criminal traffic infractions to drug trafficking. Williams was persistent and during her four (4) years she tried 100’s of bench trials and over 25 jury trials. Sherria has always enjoyed giving back to others, and was given the opportunity to work in the Community Prosecution Unit where she was instrumental in starting the Junior ASA Program at local high schools and supporting and educations community members about the law and the criminal justice system. Williams practiced as a litigation attorney with Butler & Hosch, P.A., representing national banks in residential foreclosure matters from Monroe County to West Palm Beach. Presently Sherria Williams works at United Automobile Insurance Company​ in Miami Gardens, FL in the Office of the General Counsel defending personal injury protection claims and investigating fraudulent automobile accidents and treatment. In addition to her contribution as an advocate of the law she still makes time to serve her community.

    As proven leader and community supporter, Williams has used her knowledge of the law to educated college students, teen organizations, community citizens, leaders, and police officers on criminal education, awareness, as well as cultural sensitivity.

Diligently led by her heart of gold, Sherria is determined to create multiple avenues to help others. One of which, is through Develop My Biz. A business designed to assist small business owners in properly starting a business. Williams often says, “I’m proud to help transform their dreams into reality.

            Finally, if you are wondering what makes Sherria Williams unique; it simple her ATTITUDE. She maintains a clear view of the glass as half full and strives to encourage others to do the same. As an attorney, entrepreneur, and community activist she calculates every step of success towards always fulfilling her desires and striving to reach her goals.



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