Dear Confused and Complicated,
Girl ! 

You have opened Pandora’s box into the friendship of guys. I’m glad you listened to your gut and ran away from the guy who wanted to settle down a little to fast, but you need to be careful with his friend. The major red flag that I’m seeing is that he made a move even though his friend was madly in love with you. You need to be careful because he knows that he’s lured you into his secret cave, so I mean go on one date and see what he’s truly about, but tread lightly because you deserve more than being a secret. But I’m begging you please don’t fall head over heels once you really hang out, because what if he wants to keep you a secret. And you can’t settle for being kept away. Let him know exactly how you feel, so it’s not on you for leading him on . Be fair but don’t be stupid either. Let him know either you both are putting in your all or nothing at all. Because there’s a lot more fish in the sea ! 

Dear Rockyy

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