Last night CLAWS made its debut for the second season on TNT! If you did not tune into the show last season, I would highly recommend catching it this time! The show, starred by Niecey Nash, is based out of Palmetto, Florida. Nash’s character, Desna, is an owner of a nail shop, which really is nothing more than a front for an organized crime ring. These bombshells are doing more than looking pretty, behind the scenes they are getting their hands dirtier than some of the men in the business!

Desna has four women she employs in her nail shop called “Nail Artisan of Manatee County”.  As previously stated, these bombshells are not to be taken lightly! Virginia, played by Karrueche Tran, is the youngest of the group. Virginia has a lot of learning to do but does not get any passes by the rest of the clan. Polly, played by Carrie Preston is a personable character, however Polly is a convict fresh out of jail due to identity theft. Quiet Ann, played by Judy Reyes, is the bodyguard who has no problem keeping people in check. Last but not least, Desna’s best friend Jennifer, played by Jenn Lyon. Jennifer is intertwined with the local kingpin by way of marriage to kingpin’s son.


In the famous words of Issa Rae “I’m rooting for everybody black”. Nash has faced many obstacles in this industry and seeing her finally on top is refreshing! Nash came into the business as a comedian but was very vocal that she could do more than comedy. It was not until later in her career that she was given a chance to showcase her range in acting that was not comedy related. This opportunity came by way of Denise “Didi” Ortley in the HBO’s British comedy Getting On. Nash was nominated for an Emmy for this role on two different occasions.  This opened the door for Nash to conduct roles in movies such as Selma and The Mindy Project. Nash comments on her Claws opportunity stating “I’m proud of myself that I’ve taken on this role at this time.. being number one on the call sheet as a black woman and being successful enough for the show to garner a season two, it’s living the dream!”


Janine Sherman Barrois, who is also a black female, is Claws’ showrunner, states “I have never worked on a show with five women as leads”. Although we are rooting for everybody black, we too, are rooting for all women who are making major moves and impacting the industry in powerful and positive ways!


Catch Claws on TNT on Sundays 9/8 pm CT.





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