City Girls ‘Girl Code’ Album Release Party

Party Time!

The City Girls just released their latest album titled “Girl Code”. Last night was their exclusive invite only album release party and of course Pretty Hustlaz was in the building. Although JT is still incarcerated they made sure there were tons of photos and memorabilia of her around. The venue was set up to mirror a full on girl slumber party equipped with huge beds decked out with “City Girls” accent pillows. High ceilings, white rooms, and mirrors with red lipstick and bomb lighting, definitely a girls dream! Fans, Celebrities, Dj’s, and more gathered in support of their latest project. Celebrity guests included Trina, Ball Greezy, Bobby Lytes, Lira Mercer, along with the owners of one of the hottest labels right now, Coach K and P. Dj Duffy keep the guest engaged as the emcee alongside Dj Rhymer.Guests had the opportunity to listen to the tracks before it was available anywhere else. This unique experience is something many of them stated “they would cherish forever”.


Now we already know one of the singles off the album called “Twerk” which features the Bronx Bombshell Bardi and is produced by super producer Rico Love. There is actually a contest going on right now where the best twerk video to that song will receive $25K! I mean most people twerk for free so $25K is more than enough of an incentive to get creative— and thats exactly what they have been doing.

The Album…

Now lets get in to the rest of the album! The intro starts off with an automated recording from prison asking to accept the charges from Jatavia. Then out of no where,  Miami comes out swinging! You can hear the confidence and the growth in her content as an artist. This has to be the “Get they a** Miami” that JT is always talking about. Throughout the intro you hear JT basically being her hype man letting her know not to let up and when she returns its GAMEOVER for anyone standing in their way. Definitely some sexy tracks on Girl Code too, like “Give It A Try” featuring Jacquees and “Panties and Bra”. Their label mate, Lil Baby joined them on “Season” where he provides a rebuttal to the City Girls expressive lyrics regarding them, finessing men out of their money.

This album is a nice follow up to their first project “Period” and displays growth for both artist in such a short time. Definitely some radio cuts on the album, looks like the City Girls are here to stay— I’m proud! Now I can’t give everything away, so you’re just going to have to check out Girl Code now available on all streaming platforms and let me know which tracks are your favorite!


Photos from the album release party are located below.






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