Image result for infertileNew study suggests exposure to organophosphate flame retardants (PFRs) may be one of the risk factors for lower reproductive success as explained by Dr. Courtney Carignan. PFRs are used in polyurethane foam in padded furniture, Car seats, yoga mats, and many more. They can spread from furniture into the air and dust of rooms.

PFRs were originally introduced as a “safer” alternative to PentaBDE after indication of its adverse health effects. However, due to new study results display further evidence that PFRs may affect fertility. A Previous study demonstrated animals such as chickens and zebrafish have showed the PFRs can disturb hormones involved in reproduction and embryo/fetus growth. Also, another study published in the journal Endocrine Disruptors expressed that PFR exposure may be associated with decreased sperm motility.

PFRs can easily move from the foam to your hands, face, and body through contact and even into the air that you breatheImage result for pfr chemicals yoga mat

Maybe staying away from PFRs sound impossible, right? For those trying to reproduce it is suggested to lower the exposure-one must PFR’s by trying organic companies with ecofriendly components. When has a gym mat ever caught fire anyway?

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