Celebrating Our Women!


Over the last few years black women have been getting a lot of negative press from media stereotypes to backlash over the double standards of men vs women in the entertainment industry. Hollywood’s portrayal of the black women has made great strides, but to some of us not large enough. Darnell Samples,30 (@dnellsit) and William Hill, 30 (@king_3k), decided that they wanted to make a change in his community and honor the black women. They started a line “Black Women are Dope” and has been making a name for themselves ever since. The smooth tagline is a constant reminder to our women that we are awesome in our own ways, tackling any obstacles they may face. Their hopes are to ultimately come out with a men’s line as well in the future due to the ongoing issues black men are facing in our communities. Be sure you purchase a shirt today at the link below!

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