Music is hands down probably the cheapest form of therapy you can find. Zoning out to your favorite artist, band or playlist can be an instant mood changer. Getting out and enjoying live music amplifies that feeling by 10 but sometimes life can get in the way. Sure, we all would like to enjoy concerts front row. The reality is, tickets these days can run as much as your rent or car note. Don’t be discouraged, a night out doesn’t have to break the bank! Pretty Hustlaz has got you covered. I strongly encourage you to see different artists. Plenty of DOPE artists with strong catalogs frequent smaller venues and the tickets are usually very affordable. Trust us on this one the vibe is ALWAYS unmatched and you get a night out that you wont forget.


Jessie Rayez is a Canadian singer/songwriter that has been lighting up the charts. She can also be found on Eminem’s Kamikaze album.


 6lack is an American singer, songwriter, and rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. You’re getting a heck of a show here! Dates will also include Summer Walker, Tiera Whack, & They & Boogie.



 Junglepussy, is an American artist, actress and rapper based in New York City.


Ski Mask The Slump God is hitting the road for his upcoming world tour, “Ski Meets World.” The rapper is bringing along  with him such as Bandhunta Izzy, Danny Towers and DJ Scheme.

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*Bonus If you’ve been fiending for a good R&B Tour and Miami is within traveling distance for you you’re in luck. The Best Life Tour will be held in jusy 9 days at the Old RC Cola Plant.


Which shows will you be attending?

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