Blac Chyna in the House, Literally

Public figure, model, and former vixen, Angela White AKA Blac Chyna has released a line of “Chyna Dolls,” and the question everyone is wondering is, who will be interested in buying this for their child? The 29 year old Instagram sensation has sparked a lot of interested over the years with her free spirited lifestyle and her dilemmas, which are often publicized. As a way to pay homage to her faithful “Chyna dolls,” whom which her fans refer to themselves as, she released the line of figurines Thursday, in Los Angeles.

The dolls are an exact resemblance of Chyna, even down to the tattoos, and the prices range from $75 to about $400.So again, the question is who would buy this doll, especially for their child? Many people on social media have expressed a level of confusion as to why she has decided to venture into such an endeavor, such as 3D dolls, but most of Chynas ventures tend to ultimately work out in her favor, as she forever remains unbothered.


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