The most important part of your daily look should be nice eyebrows. They should be tamed and perfectly shaped. No matter if you want to glam it up or have a natural look, brows are one thing on your face that you can’t miss. Of course , if you have perfect brows or undergo the micro blading procedure you won’t fear the  days of not having perfect brows. For those unfortunate souls like myself that don’t wake up to perfect brows every day here’s a Beaty tip you can’t miss …

“How To Do Your Brows With Out A Brush And Brow Gel”

Yes , very random but it definitely could happen. Today my back was against the wall when I realized I didn’t have my angle brush and nothing really to do my eyebrows on me. I left most of my makeup at a friends house. With important things to do and places to go I had to find a way to do my eyebrows. I started looking , first I thought a pen will do me justice but quickly figured out that wasn’t the move. 


What to do …

I achieved perfect brows with black eye liner  and a tooth pick. The eyeliner was old so I put a lighter to the surface to soften in up. I then dipped the tooth pick as if it was a quill pen into the eyeliner Nd shaped my eyebrows . Light strokes will form an unbelievable perfect faded brow. 

Of course you would need to follow with a concealer to perfect the shape of the brow. 

This is a longer process than using the correct utensils. Using this will definitely get your eyebrows on point in a S.O.S. Makeup crisis. 

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