It’s always a good feeling to look down at your toes to find them looking pretty with and polished. What is not nice is seeing your feet dry and cracked due to wearing sandals or getting callus because of wearing uncomfortable shoes. Whatever the reason may be, you don’t have to deal with dry feet forever. Fortunately, there are ways to treat dry feet.

Tip 1. Milk

soaking your feet in warm milk can restore the natural moisture in your feet. For even better results you can scrub your feet with brown sugar and honey.

Tip 2. Socks

By putting lotion and socks on to go to bed will restore moisture and will make feet smooth and soft.

Tip 3. Hot Showers

some people like the scorching hot showers but that contributes to dry skin and feet. Bathing with lukewarm water wont be as harsh on the skin.

Tip 4. Lemon Juice

Soaking your feet Lemon juice will help remove dead skin.


Moisturizing is always key at the and of the day, try these tips and comment the tip that worked out the best for you.


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