Beauty Tip Tuesdays: Flawless Skin Before Labor Day

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Image result for aveeno skin clarifying tonerWant know the best thing to do around a BBQ holiday? Yaazzz! Clear your skin with the product that makes your whole face even. I came across this product noticing how flawless my girl’s skin was getting and she shared  her secrete. I tried it and it works wonders. AVEENO CLEAR COMPLEXION Foaming Cleanser was the name and I had to pick it up at a store right away.

After using this product i started to see results within a week my skin appeared clear and radiant.

Tip :

  • You will also need to exfoliate  your skin.
  • Use morning and before you go to bed for best results
  • Use on a washed face (after you wash your face for best result)



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