Beauty Tip Tuesday’s : Correct Order of Makeup Application

Image result for apply make upEver since I started doing my make up, I have always been confused on what goes on first. Most make up tutorials skip the primer and foundation process for a quicker video. Keep in mind even though i was not doing the whole thing right, my makeup was still bomb, however when i followed these steps my makeup was flawless.


The Order of Application

Image result for face washing


Cleansing your face before the application of make up is one of the most important steps. By cleaning your face your are avoiding black heads and pimples and also giving your face a fresh start for a flawless finish .

2. Serum/ TreatmentsImage result for serum and moisturizer

After cleansing the face any treatments you have can go on after the process .

3. Moisturizer

Keeping skin moisturized is key to a smooth application.

4. Primer

Addition to moisturizer primer gives a smooth appearance .


Image result for foundation makeup art

6. Concealer


Image result for concealer makeup art


Image result for powder makeup art

  1. 8. Bronzer

8. Blush

Image result for concealer makeup art


Image result for beat face no eye shadowFollowing these steps makes the application process go smooth leaving your with a perfectly beat face.



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