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In the world of beauty there are tons of beauty hacks. some of them we use once in a while and others we use daily. To make life easier I will list five need to know beauty hacks that will make everyday feel like a perfect day to glam up.

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1. Coconut oil – (make up remover )Image result for coconut oil makeup

coconut oil is great for removing make up. It is actually better for your skin than drug store branded makeup remover.

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2.  Raw potatoes (lighten up those dark spots)

no one likes dark spots. Dark spots on the face or underneath the arm and in intimate areas may not bother others but as individuals we tend to hate of being on us. You can fix the appearance of dark spots with raw potatoes just slice a potato and place it on the area and soak up those natural  juices for an hour.

3. Use a toothbrush on your lips while u brush your teeth ( smooth lips )

I am confidant that i am not alone when i say this but ” I absolutely hate when i put on matte  lipstick and it makes my lips look even more chapped. This can be easily fixed by brushing your lips in your daily teeth brushing routine.

4. Put fire to eye pencils (more pigmented )

depending on the brand eye pencils can be dried out at times or simply not pigmented enough.To fix this problem yo may simple dab the eye pencil on a lighter (open flame ) and it should appear more pigmented and softer. you can apply the product with little effort.

5. Cut Eyelashes For Perfect Fit Related image

If you love make up but not yet a pro. You might not know you need to cut your eyelashes to fit.  False eyelashes should start 1’4 away from the inner corner this will give it a more natural look.

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