New hair styles are always fun to try. Something earthy , fun and goddess like for the day.Here are some quick easy steps to follow for a new hairdo if you haven’t already tried it.


  • Black mini rubberbands
  • Tail or pin tip comb
  • Brush
  • Gel
  • Draw string ponytail

Pre hairstyle

Before starting this hairstyle, make sure that your hair is in the best possible position to be tampered with. May it be washing your hair , combing it out or even blow drying it straight. Making sure your hair is in the right place, will reduce frizz.

Step 1

To begin this hair style you will need to part your hair in the middle. More like two parallel lines n the middle of your head. The lines should stop at the crown of your head or the beginning of where your ponytail will be positioned.


Step 2

Once your hair is parted ,put the remainder of hair in a loose ponytail keeping it away from your face. This will keep the hair from your face while you proceed to the hair style.

Step 3

between the parallel lines parted in your hair , you will need to part three lines across the parts. This will make a square like shape. Take the black rubber band and wrap it around each part .

Step 4

After applying the rubber bands, twist the loose ends of hair. Connect the hair to the next square like part.

Step 5

When all the rubber bands are installed, you may now brush all your air into a small knotted bun.

Step 6

Add the trinkets to your hair in place over the rubber band.

Step 7


Dont forget to put your edges on flee with the baby hair

Step 8

Install the draw string ponytail

Here are eight easy steps to achieve this hair style. If there is still question on the how to’s please look at the video provided on pretty hustlaz social media  . Let us know how the hair came out in the comments below. Make sure to check back with us every Tuesday for all your beauty fixes.

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